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Space lasers and krypton ion thrusters. Is this science fiction?

New break-through technologies are exciting, and especially if they appear to be straight from a science fiction novel. The latest version of Starlink’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites version 2.0 includes both lasers and krypton fuelled ion thrusters. Why, you may ask? This is where it gets really awe inspiring. If you are not already […]

5G versus Star Link versus nbn– this is going to get interesting

Only 5 years ago no-one would have predicted this turn of events. Amazingly, there are soon going to be 3 viable options for many regional consumers to get access to broadband speed internet.  Firstly, the traditional local mobile carriers are rolling out their 5G technology with an ever-increasing coverage footprint, Telstra already have over 75% […]