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Telecom Solution Consultants

Founded in 2009, Gain IT & T Consulting is a specialised independent telecom solutions, contact centre & data centre consulting company working with large corporate companies, government agencies and telecom carriers and resellers. For example, we help companies get a full understanding of their telecom current state, future state and roadmap prior to undertaking any procurement engagement.

We are telecom experts that supply a unique full vertical integrated service that will ensure that your company:

  • buys the right telecom, contact centre and data center services for your needs
  • receives a comprehensive understanding of your telecom assets
  • saves money both now and over the contract term
  • ensures that you are set up for your future needs
  • manages your services to ensure that you are receiving what has been agreed with your supplier

FInd the Right Telecom Solution for your Business

Working with us will ensure that you save valuable time and staffing resources by getting it right the first time.

With a proven track record of success across many very happy clients you can rely on Gain IT & T Consulting.
Get it right and reduce costs with telecom experts - contact us today.


I worked with Anton and Gain IT&T Consulting (Gain Consulting) over the last 6 years whilst I was CTO at A2B Australia. We engaged their contract management, telecom audit and procurement services.

Prior to us commencing with Gain Consulting, A2B telecom services were very complex, using legacy technologies and were expensive. Firstly, we engaged Gain Consulting to undertake an audit on all our carriage services including mobile, mobile data, telemetry, data, internet, and fixed line services to save money, compile a comprehensive asset register, and current state of our telecom carriage services. Through undertaking an audit of our telecom services, we saved significant amount on our costs. This process also gave us an accurate register of all our telecom assets.

Secondly, we undertook a procurement engagement with Gain Consulting. As an important part of the procurement engagement, Gain Consulting undertook a telecom strategy engagement that encompassed both a future state and captured our requirements to ensure that we planned for both our current and future telecom business needs. Through this process we not only saved significant costs but also ensured that we had well designed network that met both our current and future needs. In addition, we ensured that our contractual terms and conditions and support were more favourable to us.

We had a very good experience with Gain Consulting and found their industry knowledge, telecom experience and well proven processes very beneficial.

Your sincerely

Deon Ludick

CTO A2B Australia