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Case Study

How we saved a large media company over 30% on their telecoms spend


After a number of company acquisitions, our customer did not have a good understanding of their telecoms assets and had a high cost base. Our customer wanted to ensure that they consolidated their telecoms suppliers and services and cater for their fast changing future needs at the best possible costs base.


Gain Consulting undertook a comprehensive desktop and physical audit of our customers telecoms assets Australia wide. The desktop audit involves a detailed bill analysis of numerous complex telecoms bills and the physical audit involves visiting our customer sites and tracing lines to work out whether services are being used. The audit allows us to get a full understanding of our customer’s telecoms environment.

Subsequent to the audit, we undertook our specialised procurement process. Our process involves understanding our customer’s needs by capturing the current and future business requirements, before going out to market.

As we undertake these procurement engagements on an ongoing basis we understand what the best technology, support and commercials are available in the industry. Unless you are very experienced in the telecoms industry, this is something people would not be aware of.


We saved our large media customer over 30% on an annualised basis, compiled a detailed asset register and ensured that both their current and future business needs were met.

We generally save our customers:

  • Up to 10% of their annual spend by undertaking our comprehensive telecoms audits.
  • Up to 30% of their annual spend by undertaking our specialised procurement process.

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