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What makes your company different from any other consulting companies?

We are the only Australian company that specialise in the telecoms industry and where our services are vertically integrated. Vertically integrated means that we take you through the whole journey from telecoms strategy formulation, through audit and procurement of your telecoms services and finally management of your telecoms services.

Why shouldn’t we just use our internal IT and procurement resources?

IT departments typically address their telecoms needs only every 3 to 5 years at each contract renewal. This means that the internal resources are not up to speed on the technology, commercials and support that is available in the market. As we work on telecoms engagements continuously, we are very knowledgeable of what is available.

Why is getting outside expertise important for our telecoms supply?

Telecom is one of the fastest moving industries and is no longer just a utility but a potential strategic advantage for your company. Companies that have the right cost base, the right strategic direction and are easy to communicate with are seen as leading-edge companies by the market.

How do we ensure we get value from the engagement?

We are so confident that we will supply value to our customers that we offer commercial models where we only get paid when savings are delivered.

How do I engage your company within my budget cycle?

We offer commercial models that take your budget cycle in consideration where we get paid based on your savings.

How can we be confident in engaging your services?

We have been delivering value to multiple large Australian companies for over 10 years and our customers are very happy with the outcomes.

What examples are there of satisfied clients?

References can be supplied on request.

Have you dealt with all the carriers?

Yes, we deal with all the top tier and second tier carriers. All carriers have their strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to understand which carrier best suits your needs.